Daily Giz Wiz 337: Frontgate Solar Driveway Lights

Episode 337 of the podcast

Frontgate Solar Driveway Lights
Subject: Review of Frontgate Solar Driveway Lights
Released:Tuesday 19 June 2007
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

Light up your drive with Frontgate's solar driveway lights.

Detailed information

Put these along the driveway or garden path, these solar LED lights from Frontgate are night-time beacons that light up any path.  No wires required.

Did you know?

Bill Gaines, founder of Mad, and Al Jaffee, who was responsible for the magazine "fold-in", came back from a black-tie event in a chauffeur-driven limo.  The doorman in Al Jaffee's building where Jaffee had lived for 6 years had never acknowledged Jaffee once.  They came up with a great plan to get the doorman to finally show Jaffee some respect.

And the doorbell rings ...

Another UPS delivery in the middle of the podcast.  While Dick goes to answer the door, Leo breaks into song.  The standard of the song is such that it has prompted a new wait-for-Dick jingle from Paul Minshall (Episode 346).

TTTT Jingle

Leo starts without playing the TTTT jingle, again - until Dick reads out the letter from Chris of Newfoundland, Canada who says the TTTT jingle is the only reason he listens to the Tuesday episodes.

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