Daily Giz Wiz 339: Raildriver Hitch Cover

Episode 339 of the podcast

Raildriver Hitch Cover
Subject: Review of Raildriver Hitch Cover
Released:Thursday 21 June 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0339.mp3 (7 MB)

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Short info

Show your love for trains with the Raildriver Hitch Cover.

Detailed information

Made of cast aluminium, the Decorative Hitch Cover on the left is a great addition to your train collection.  The Desktop Controller on the right gives new meaning to the "joystick" for the train enthusiast playing his train computer game such as the Microsoft Train Simulator and the TrainMaster.

Knucklehead or Canucklehead ???

Dick's enviable vocabulary knows no bounds.  Listen also to Dick's recent visit to Vancouver, including Granville Island and Hastings.

The Caboose

Want to own a caboose, or how it's been replaced by FRED - the Flashing Rear-End Device?  Don't miss this episode.

Fan Mail from the Metropolitan Opera New York ???

David Krupp from Hemet, California and one James Levine from New York wants to know the end of Dick's story of his meeting with Sid Caesar, started in Episode 318.  Surely not the Met's Music Director?

Something in common ...

Dick and Leo have something in common, apart from being wacky.  They both have stories to tell about Alan Alder.  Listen to this episode and Episode 74.

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