Daily Giz Wiz 434: Stealth Switch

Episode 434 of the podcast

Stealth Switch
Subject: Review of Stealth Switch
Released:Thursday 1 November 2007
Length:about 19 minutes
Download file:dgw0434.mp3 (8.6 MB)

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Detailed information

Connect the StealthSwitch to a USB port on the computer, place it on the floor, tap it with your foot, and all your open windows disappear showing only the default Windows desktop.  Tap the foot pedal again and your applications reappear.  You can customise it by configuring which application windows(s) should remain on the screen, such as the Excel worksheet you're supposed to be working on in the office.  Use the StealthSwitch to protect your privacy, or hide your naughty goings-on.  Windows only.  Watch an animated demo of how it works.  Available at Think Geek.

The Lemonade Girl in Manhattan

While talking about Halloween in Manhattan, Leo remembers seeing a little girl selling lemonade at a street corner in Manhattan.  He was so touched that he bought some from the girl.  Before you conclude that it was very sweet of Leo to do that, listen to how Leo paid the poor girl, in Episode 121.

Mad Computers

At the Mad Office, the computers in the Art Department are all Macs, and the Editorial Department are all PCs.

Leo as Dev Null

"The Vegas Cabbie" wants to hear the full story from Leo of how Dev Null came about in the programme "The Site" on MSNBC.  Leo has done it before (Episodes 149, 187), but this is the fullest account he has given yet on DGW.  You can see a clip of Dev Null singing Happy Together, accompanied by Andy Cahan of the Turtles on the piano, in either of those old episode blog entries, at the very end of which, you can even hear Leo doing the famous NBC G-E-C chimes.

Of Mouse And Man

Dane Golden has found an old short film done by Aaron Lubarsky in 1996 about computers and technology.  It has Leo talking about the future of portable devices and entertainment networks.  His predictions were pretty good.  Leo has posted it on his blog, or watch it here.

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