Daily Giz Wiz 549: Cliphanger

Episode 549 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Cliphanger
Released:Thursday 17 April 2008
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Hang your phone or MP3 player from your dashboard, belt loop, desk or purse with Cliphanger.

Detailed information

The Cliphanger is brought to you courtesy of Shane Shellenberger (who also brought our attention to "And Fun For All" in Episode 542).  You stick any mobile device on to the Cliphanger using the adhesive tab provided, and hang the clip from a trousers loop or your handbag.  It comes with a hook which you can put on the wall near the door and hang the device on it.

You can also get the Cliphanger Shield, custom-made for major models of mobile devices, which in addition to the Cliphanger includes a shield or case for protecting the device.

Petaluma Attractions

Now that the TWiT Studio is almost ready, Dick is keen to visit Petaluma and its many tourist attractions, including its bus stop, post office, parking lot, stop light and the lack of retail space.  Leo is going to put Dick up in the Z, the M or the Hellton, or if Dick doesn't mind the distance, the Bates Motel.

The Land of the Rolling Hills

This year is the sesquicentennial of the birth of the town of Petaluma, even though its history is obscure, explains Leo, and no one knows what the name means - except Leo of course, who left us in no doubt in Episode 313 that it is a native Indian word meaning "the Land of the Rolling Hills".

But here's a conundrum.  The Petaluma Firefighters celebrated their sesquicentennial last year, also according to Leo (see Episode 311).  So people organised themselves into firefighters for a town a year before the town even existed?  It must have been a fiery place 150 years ago.  People after Dick's own heart, those early Petalumans.  Safety first.  Never mind building the town.

Butter and Eggs

Petaluma's Butter and Eggs Day will be on Saturday 26 April this year.  Watch out for the Cow Chip Tossing Contest, the Cutest Little Chick In Town Contest, and the Rotating Parade.  For Leo's descriptions of past parades, listen to Episodes 56 and 311.

DGW Audience

At the last count, the DGW audience consists of 4 listeners: Shane Shellenberger, Mark Sukoenig, Myra Joyce (Girl Geek, aka Gadget Girl and Geek Chick to Dick) and Dan Lueders.  Ludwik Trammer doesn't count as he doesn't understand English, and Brian Davis doesn't listen any more for obvious reasons (Episode 548).

Dean, Dan, Dufus, Dave et al

After calling Dane Golden correctly on Monday, Dick starts calling him Dean again today, and Leo finally tries to put Dick right.  Dick complains that Dane should make up his mind about what his name is, and wonders why he doesn't address Dick as Chief, or Kimosabe.

Start the Law Suit

Peter Mangione writes in to tell on CBS Radio in New York, FM101.1.  They have a programme called Turn-The-Table-Tuesday.  Start the law suit !!  After some discussion on whose idea it was to call the Tuesday podcast Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday, Leo clarifies the confusion.  The CBS radio programme is called Turntable Tuesday.  Stop the law suit !!!

For a reminder of how TTTT came about, see Episode 115.

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