Daily Giz Wiz 548: Stanley Tripod Flashlight

Episode 548 of the podcast

Stanley Tripod Flashlight
Subject: Review of Stanley Tripod Flashlight
Released:Wednesday 16 April 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

The directional 40 lumen 95-146 Stanley Tripod Flashlight.

Detailed information

The makers of the Fubar (Episode 231) has released a new model of their Tripod Flashlights, the model 95-146.  It offers high power LED 40 lumens of light output.  Its base expands into 3 legs forming a tripod and supporting the flashlight.  Its head, with a shatter-resistant lens, is adjustable and rotates into 4 positions.  It also retains the technology of older models called MaxLife 369 (such as models 95-112 and 95-115), so called because it can operate on 3, 6 or 9 AA batteries, as you like it.  A 3-position switch gives you the choice of high, low or off.  Low battery indicator.  Water resistant.

Plea and Mitigation

Brian Davis, a judge of the British Columbia Provincial Court, and an ex-friend of Dick's, writes in to tell him that the listener who gave him a copy of an old Gadget Magazine (from Episode 510) and whose identity Dick had forgotten was the same certain personage who took him to high tea at the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver (Episode 346), namely himself, and that Dick received the Gadget Magazine over tea itself.  Dick pleads guilty as charged.  In mitigation, Dick offers lunch or maybe even dinner, and more DGW podcasts, and hopes to be friends again.

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