Daily Giz Wiz 551: Seiko Global Atomic Clock

Episode 551 of the podcast

Seiko Global Atomic Clock
Subject: Review of Seiko Global Atomic Clock
Released:Monday 21 April 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0551.mp3 (7.8 MB)

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Short info

Leo gets over his jet lag with the Seiko Global Atomic Clock

Detailed information

Dick hasn't done a Magellan's gadget for a while, and this time, the travel accessories specialist is offering the Seiko Global Atomic Travel Alarm Clock.  It distinguishes itself from previous atomic clocks (which are usually tied to a local transmitter) by synchronising itself with radio signals from time transmitters in various continents where they are available, and automatically adjusts the time to the correct time zone, which makes setting your alarm much less cumbersome while travelling.  Where atomic time transmitters are not available, it works just like any other quartz clock.

You can also choose to de-activate the reception of radio signals, or set the time zone manually.

At the base are a set of blue LED lights, which light up automatically when you pick up the clock, acting as an LED flashlight.  A control switch allows you to keep the flashlight at always on, always off, or auto.  The clock also displays the date, day of the week, and even temperature.  5-minute snooze function.  Operates on 4 AAA batteries.

Back from Australia

This is the first episode of DGW recorded after Leo's return from Tasmania, where he took 3,600 photos (but still well behind photographer Peter Krogh who took 12,000), picked up some fair dinkum Ozzie slang, and spent a few roos (better known as the Australian Dollar).  He along with some photographers on the trip found the Lowepro Slingshots (Episode 547) very handy.

Surprise Visit

Optometrist Dr. Mark Sukoenig, one of a handful of DGW listeners, was in town for an ophthalmologists' conference and paid a surprise visit to Dick's office.  He tried again to correct Dick and Leo's pronunication of his name, after his previous attempt in Episode 354.  Dick thinks it sounds something like Mark Forrester.  For Dr. Mark's previous contributions, see Episodes 280, 342, 354.

The Internet Weather Toaster

Kevin Selle from Dallas, Texas tells Leo that his idea in Episode 546 for the ultimate toaster was great, only 7 years late.  Back in 2001, Robin Southgate, a student from Brunel University, invented the Internet Toaster which dialed up every morning for the weather forecast and printed out the weather icon on the toast.  It made its appearance at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco.  Read the article on The Register.

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