Daily Giz Wiz 449: Tributaries T10 Flexible Power Strip

Episode 449 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Tributaries T10 Flexible Power Strip
Released:Thursday 22 November 2007
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0449.mp3 (6 MB)

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Short info

Finally a powerstrip with room for all your wall warts, the Tributaries T10 Power Strip.

Detailed information

The T10 from Tributaries Cable has 10 power outlets, 5 of which can rotate to accommodate large plugs and transformers.  1800 Watts load at 15 Amp, surge protection and noise filtering for AC power (which applies to its ethernet RJ-45, phone RJ-11 and coaxial connections too), Protected and Ground LED indicators, $25,000 connected equipment warranty.  Surge protection is employed across all three legs of the AC circuit, and the unit offers voltage-spike protection to 6 kilovolts and peak current-spike handling up to 192 kiloamps. The product's EMI noise filtering extends up to 58dB of power-cleaning suppression over a range of 150kHz to 100MHz.

The power-strip is equipped with a three-prong IEC power cord and comes with a telephone cable, network cable and coaxial cable.  Tributaries Cable specialises in AV cables and connectors and the T10 is probably designed for use in a home theatre setting.

A simpler option is a previous DGW gadget, the Power Squid (Episode 24).

Podcast Features in Cellphones

Ron asks Leo if similar features designed for listening to podcasts in mp3 players (such as the Insignia Pilot which impressed another listener in Episode 433) can be found in a cellphone.  Leo recommends the iPhone (Episode 352), which has features for enjoying podcasts and audible books.

And now ladies and gentleman ...

... we end our programming day.  Dick and Leo talk about how TV stations used to end and start the programming day in the old days.

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