Daily Giz Wiz 577: Radiosophy's HD100

Episode 577 of the podcast

Radiosophy's HD100
Subject: Review of Radiosophy's HD100
Released:Tuesday 27 May 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

AM sounds like FM and FM sounds like a CD with the Radiosophy HD radio.

Detailed information

The HD100 from Radiosophy is an HD Radio receiver for the home, developed by Bill Billings and Sue Nail.  The "HD" in HD Radio originally stood for "hybrid digital".  Now it doesn't stand for anything.  It offers digital signals, so that there is no drop-off, hiss or degradation of sound quality.  You either get the signal or you don't.  Although HD here does not formally stand for High Definition, the technology does offer better sound quality, so that FM frequencies deliver CD-quality sounds, and AM frequencies deliver analogue FM stereo sound quality.

Each HD Radio FM frequency can accommodate more than one channel, so that you can select different streams or channels of programming even on the same frequency.  Also called Multicasting.  To check what HD radio stations are available in your area, go to iBuiquity.

The HD100 supports HD radio FM/AM and standard analogue FM/AM frequencies.  It has an internal antenna and includes external antenna connections.  You can scan for HD radio stations, with or without analogue radio stations.  Pre-set up to 5 FM stations and 5 AM stations.  The LCD screen delivers data features offered by HD Radio, including song info, traffic and news alerts, sports scores, weather forecast, etc.  It's also a clock, with the usual alarm, sleep and snooze functions.

It's A Gas

Dick has sent Leo a link, discovered by listener James Baldwin, to the Mad "It's A Gas" Recording on YouTube, but Leo has failed Dick again.  To listen to the recording, go to Dick's home page, or the blog post for Episode 568.

Keeping a Land Line

Bob Harris, who previously wrote in Episode 512, suggests an alternative to keeping a land line, in response to Dick and Leo's discussion in Episode 562.  For those who have phones which need to be electrically plugged in, they can use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

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