Daily Giz Wiz 603: Pinnacle Video Transfer

Episode 603 of the podcast

Pinnacle Video Transfer
Subject: Review of Pinnacle Video Transfer
Released:Wednesday 2 July 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Save movies onto a drive or player without a computer or TV with the Pinnacle Video Transfer.

Detailed information

The Pinnacle Video Transfer records incoming video (via S-Video or Composite) in H.264 MPEG-4 format, on to any FAT16 or FAT32 formatted USB 2.0 drive (which can be flash-based or hard drive).  It can also record directly on to an FAT-formatted iPod Nano, iPod Video, iPod Classic or PSP (but not directly to a iPod Touch or iPhone).
To record, connect the inputs, plug in your USB storage, connect the AC power, press the Mode button once to turn on the PVT, and wait for all the LED indicators on the PVT for the video and audio inputs and the USB storage to turn blue.  To select the video quality (good, better and best), press the Mode button continuously to cycle through the selections (and you can see the number of blue LED indicators lit up, corresponding to the quality selected).  When you're ready to record, press the Record button (and the "connections" LED indicators will turn red).  To stop the recording, press the Record button again.  Wait for all the red LED indicators to turn blue again before disconnecting.  To turn off the PVT, press and hold down the Mode button for 2 seconds.

Note that the quality selections for good, better and best for different storage devices (e.g. iPod, PSP and USB hard/flash drive) are different, up to 720 x 480 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL/SECAM) 1.5Mbps video and 192 kbps stereo audio.
The Neuros OSD (Episode 546) has more capabilities (including playback and video out), but is more expensive.

Jogging to DGW

Tim Harbst has been listening since Episode 33, and he jogs to DGW during lunch-time.  He has spent quite a bit of money buying up gadgets, including a Sansa MP3 player, a Sanyo camcorder, a Capresso coffee-maker (Episode 113), a SmartShopper (Episode 424), a GizWizBiz Cap and a set of Match Game Cards for his children last Christmas.  And if Dick will read out his letter, he will fall over in shock during his run.

Coming Up: Thursday Theme

Watch out for tomorrow's episode, when Leo will play the new Thursday Theme by Dan Lueders.

WTHII June '08

Leo still can't figure out the WTHII gadget for June 2008, which Dick will reveal next week.  The photo of this gadget was a contribution by a listener, presumably after Dick's open invitation in Episode 553.

Special Offer on GizWizBiz Caps

Remember the special offer expires on 7 July 2008.  Check out Dick's site for details.

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