Daily Giz Wiz 624: The Big Stick

Episode 624 of the podcast

Subject: Review of The Big Stick
Released:Thursday 31 July 2008
Length:about 12 minutes
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Short info

That trailer ain't goin' nowhere when you speak softly and put The Big Stick on the wheel.

Detailed information

Not a marine version of the Uroclub, but another gadget from the Marine Aftermarket Trade Show, the Big Stick is an anti-theft device to protect your boat trailer.  It's a bar lock that attaches to one of the wheels of your trailer.

Speak Softly ...

... and carry the big stick, said Roosevelt.

Plenty of Room for Themes

Kelly from Montgomery, Alabama doesn't agree with Leo that they've run out of days for themes (Episode 609).  There's still Show-Free Saturday and Sleeping-In Sunday.

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Tags: Boat Accessory Safety and Security

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