Daily Giz Wiz 635: Timex Internet Messenger Watch

Episode 635 of the podcast

Timex Internet Messenger Watch
Subject: Review of Timex Internet Messenger Watch
Released:Friday 15 August 2008
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: Timex Internet Messenger Watch.

Detailed information

Timex, who made the Datalink Watch (and its later incarnation the Datalink USB Watch: Episode 20), also made this Internet Messenger Watch.  It used FLEXtime to give you the correct time whichever city you were in, and through SkyTel retrieved paging/email text messages (up to 100 characters) and displayed them on the watch, and you could scroll through the messages.  It came with a 12-month free subscription to the SkyTel service which gave the watch a special telephone number, and messages were sent to [telno]@skytel.com.

The battery it used was not the common watch battery, but the zinc-air hearing aid battery.  Because it kept checking for FLEXtime and paging messages, its batteries did not last very long.

Leo's 5 Visa Cards

Leo gets a little carried away with the commercial and shows off his 5 Visa Cards on TWiTLive, then gets worried that he might have revealed too much.


Dan from Fontana, California, would love to watch Dick and Leo recording DGW but cannot sit in front of the computer all day long like a vegetable, and wonders if the videos will be downloadable as podcasts, or as Leo calls them, Todcasts (TWiTLive On Demand).  Leo replays the live shows over the rest of each day, and has got Cachefly to agree to provide the download bandwidth for special segments (and GizWizLive would fall into that category).  Leo is still working on it.

Sunday Theme

Premiere of the Sleeping-In Sunday Theme.  Right at the end of the show.

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