Daily Giz Wiz 674: Brenthaven X-Ray Friendly Laptop Case

Episode 674 of the podcast

Brenthaven X-Ray Friendly Laptop Case
Subject: Review of Brenthaven X-Ray Friendly Laptop Case
Released:Thursday 9 October 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Have one fewer hassle at security with the Brenthaven X-ray Friendly laptop case.

Detailed information

A new line of X-Ray Friendly laptop cases from Harvey Stone of Brenthaven.  They are compliant with TSA requirements, which enable the laptops to go through the X-Ray machine without having to remove them from the bags which going through airport security.  All you have to do is unzip the bag and put the bag on the conveyor belt, which will give an unobstructed X-Ray image of the bag and notebook.  It's also a green product which is supposed to have zerio impact on the environment.  There are custom-made bags for Mac notebooks, but generic bags for PC notebooks are also avaiable.

For the Lexiphiles

Blue Green Yoshi passes on a list of Q & A's for the lexiphiles.  Leo is not amused but he's just being cranky.  Obviously not a lexiphile.

To write with a broken pencil is ... pointless.
What happens when the smog lifts in Los Angeles?  ... U.C.L.A.
How do you give away dead batteries? ... You do it free of charge.
What is a will known as? ... A dead giveaway.
What is a chicken walking across the street? ... Poultry in motion.

Lexiphile can go to this page for the full list.

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