Daily Giz Wiz 700: Maritimer21

Episode 700 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Maritimer21
Released:Friday 14 November 2008
Length:about 22 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: Maritmer.

Detailed information

Dick no longer has the gadget for today.  It was a very nice gadget which he gave away to a a friend who also had a boat.  All Dick has left is the brochure.  The Maritimer had 6 digital clocks for high and low tides, stop-watch, the time of the day, a trip timer and so on, with segmented LED display.  It cost a whopping $875, set in a beautiful rosewood panel that came with a bracket for mounting on to the dashboard.  It's a work of art.

140 Visits To The Gadget Warehouse, Minus 1, and not all on Fridays

As Dick and Leo have verified, Warehouse Friday started in the very first week of DGW (Episode 5, the Acclimator).  Leo reckons, after some dodgy arithmetics, that 700 episodes means 140 weeks, so today's show is the 140th visit to the Gadget Warehouse.
Logical, but wrong.  Leo should have known that logic has no place in a show like the Daily Giz Wiz.

Due to the celebration of the early centenary episodes (Episodes 100, 200 and 300), all falling on a Friday, no visits were made to the Gadget Warehouse.  That's minus 3.
However, Dick did do a Warehouse gadget in Episode 97 for Tuesday 4th July 2006 (the Flag Waver, which suited the 4th July theme, and in anticipation of the celebration for Episode 100).  Dick and Leo also recorded a special episode released on Monday 12 February 2007 (Episode 246), when Leo paid a physical visit to Dick's Gadget Warehouse while he was in New York City filming Regis and Kelly.  That's plus 2.
So all in all, there have been 139 visits to the Gadget Warehouse (and 137 Warehouse Fridays).  That should depress Dick even more.

The Start of TTTT

Dick and Leo remember that Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday started later.  The first TTTT was Episode 122 (iCombi bluetooth headphones) on 8 August 2006, and that's 116 TTTTs so far.  For the origin of TTTT, see Episode 115 - which ultimately has the Mad Minutes to thank for.

A Weekend with Dane

That's the prize for the 1000th Episode celebration, whether Dane Golden likes it or not.  Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

A Schedule for TWiTLive Repeats

Tom Stiles, a Mad fan who found out about DGW a month ago, can't watch TWiTLive, and wonders if Leo can post a schedule of repeats so that he can catch up with the live recording of DGW.  Leo's problem is that it is difficult to do that in advance, as the lengths of the programmes are irregular.
In the meantime, various fans in the Chatroom have recorded the shows on their computer, such as kiwinerd (aka Professor Amanda Peet, full-time member of the TWiT Army moonlighting as a serious particle physics professor - who was on The Tech Guy explaining the Large Hadron Collider in The Tech Guy Episode 492).  She has very kindly put the shows on odtv.me.  You can watch the programmes online, or simply download them for viewing.

Christmas Scheduling

After recording this week's shows, Dick and Leo discuss scheduling for Christmas, when Leo will be off to France visiting Abby.  There will be 5 more recording sessions before Leo takes off for France, and the tentative suggestion is they will record one more show each week, which will give them 5 more shows for the Christmas break.  That may still leave certains days without a show but Leo needs a break.

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