Daily Giz Wiz 717: Tom BiHn's Checkpoint Flyer

Episode 717 of the podcast

Tom BiHn's Checkpoint Flyer
Subject: Review of Tom BiHn's Checkpoint Flyer
Released:Tuesday 9 December 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Get through security without taking your laptop out with the Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer.

Detailed information

Ever since Leo discovered the Tom Bihn Western Flyer (Episode 522), he's been very happy with it (and used it on his Tasmania trip - see Episode 539), and so has Dick.  One of the latest models from Tom Bihn is the Checkpoint Flyer, a TSA-compliant laptop bag which is designed to give the X-ray machine a clear view of the laptop while it's still even the bag.  The Laptop Case itself can be flipped open very easily.  It is securely attached to the main Briefcase while it can also be removed and carried on its own.  The Laptop Case comes in 4 sizes (corresponding to Apple's different notebook models).  If you have more than one laptop that you travel with, you can also purchase additional Laptop Cases and swap when necessary.

Apart from the Laptop Case itself, the main Briefcase contains many flaps and organisational pockets, some on the outside of the Briefcase for easy access.  Designed and manufactured in the US.

As with other Tom Bihn bags, you can accessorise the bag with shoulder straps, and other packing units, such as the Freudian Slips and Packing Cubes.  Surely listener Robert Alexander from last Friday (Episode 715) cannot resist the Checkpoint Flyer.

Missing Laptops

Over 10,000 laptops per week and over 600,000 a year are reported lost at US airports.

Toothpick Ballerina

Ton Ton Yulo from Manila, the Philippines, aka Commando Smurf, found, in his grandmother's drawer, the Toothpick Ballerina.  He reckons that she must have bought it on her trip to Italy in the 1960s.

It would appear that the Toothpick Ballerina was made by Alessi, and designed by Andrea Branzi in 1991.  Made of pear-wood, it has a chrome-plated ballerina figure who bears down to pick up a toothpick from the opened drawer.  Same idea as Leo's Toothpick Bird (Episode 282), perhaps a little more elegant.  Ton Ton has sent Leo a video demo of the Ballerina.

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