Daily Giz Wiz 723: Belkin Flip

Episode 723 of the podcast

Belkin Flip
Subject: Review of Belkin Flip
Released:Wednesday 17 December 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
Download file:dgw0723.mp3 (8.6 MB)

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Short info

Use multiple computers with only one monitor with the Belkin Flip KVM.

Detailed information

Dick has recently got himself a new high-end computer from HP, and although he still has the ClickFree Backup Drive (Episode 629) to back up stuff from his computers, he is still keeping the old computer and he finds himself having to swtich between the two.  So he has ordered the Belkin Flip, a KVM switch.  There are different versions of the Flip, but Dick's version is the Flip Wireless, which enables you to connect both computers to one set of keyboard, video monitor and mouse.

Just press the small round remote to make the switch.  You can even configure it to share speakers.

Audio Issues

Leo has been having audio issues in this recording session (Episodes 719 to 724).  He hopes that they can be removed in post-production.

Pet Project

John Cleig has adopted "The Animal Rescue Site" as his pet project.  He wants to thank Dick and Leo for generating significant traffic to the site.

WTHII 0811

The November '08 WTHII gadget is the Tube Press, for squeezing the last drop of toohtpaste out of the tube.  It turned out that Walgreens started doing a promotion of the item after Dick posted the picture for the contest, and lots of people got the correct answer.

Dick started the What The Heck Is It game before the Daily Giz Wiz, probably at the time of The Screen Savers.  Check out the Dec '08 WTHII gadget, which is a listener contribution, which stumped Dick.

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