Daily Giz Wiz 732: Verbatim TuneBoard

Episode 732 of the podcast

Verbatim TuneBoard
Subject: Review of Verbatim TuneBoard
Released:Tuesday 30 December 2008
Length:about 23 minutes
Download file:dgw0732.mp3 (10.6 MB)

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Short info

Save deskspace by using the Verbatim TuneBoard keyboard, with stereo speakers included.

Detailed information

With a little help from his friend Dick, Leo got this keyboard from Andy Marken.  LED-backlit, the Verbatim Tune Board or Speaker Keyboard has built in stereo speakers, with bass boost, complete with sound controls and music playback controls, and can save you some wiring as all it takes is a USB connection.  Leo has the Mac version, but a Windows version is also available.

Back from France

Leo is back with Henry from Rennes after their visit to Abby, but Jennifer is stuck in Paris as she has lost her passport.  While Leo was in France, Dick went on Stickam on both Tuesdays.

Check out Leo's blog post "France Montage" and the links there to his photos from France.

An Ozzy Jingle?

East Coast Girl on the Chatroom suggests there should be a jingle for whenever Ozzy comes on TWiTLive.

Ten Questions from Dr Mark

Dr Mark Sukoenig put in 10 questions for Leo.  What does an A battery look like?  Why do Dick and Leo sound as energetic on the Friday show as they do on the Monday show?  What is a Luma and how safe is it to pet one?

Themed to the Gills

Paul Minshall, apart from doing the 12 Days of GizWiz, has done a country version of the Closing Gravy Jingle.  Visit http://paulminshall.com/themes to play the Country GizWiz jingle.

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