Daily Giz Wiz 733: Exergen Temporal Scanner

Episode 733 of the podcast

Exergen Temporal Scanner
Subject: Review of Exergen Temporal Scanner
Released:Wednesday 31 December 2008
Length:about 30 minutes
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Short info

Check the temperature of your loved ones with the Exergen Temporal Scanner.

Detailed information

The TemporalScanner from Exergen is a thermometer that measures the arterial temperature, giving you a more accurate reading of your body temperature.  Just stroke the device across the forehead and it will give you a reading of the temperature of the temporal artery.

Scary Christmas Movies

Lil Banchik, aka DrMom on TWiT Army, has fond memories of Polaroid Instant Slides (Episode 730), and reminds us all of the scary Christmas movie Black Christmas.

DGW Favourite Episodes
In Episode 679, a listener asked Dick and Leo if they have their favourite 20 episodes.  They have since talked about it a couple of times.  Now Ludwik Trammer has set up a vote on his website, for listeners to vote their own favourite episodes of the Daily Giz Wiz.  Go to http://www.gizwizsearch.com/vote/ to vote for your favourite episodes.

Ludwik has asked me to make some suggestions, to get listeners started.  It wasn't an easy exercise, but I've picked 30 episodes.  Some of them are important milestones of DGW, some of them are funny, but all of them I hope remind you of what's been happening since the start of the Daily Giz Wiz (which relatively new listeners may also find useful).  Here is a quick summary of the "nominations" - but you absolutely are not limited to them:

Episode 61 Pack-Flat Back-Up Bag: Dick talks about how he disposes of his old clothes, which generates a lot of empathetic emails from fellow listeners.

Episode 76 A Tribute to William M Gaines: Dick has often talked about Mad and in particular entertaining stories about Bill Gaines.  Here on the anniversary of Bill Gaines's death, Dick gives us some heart-warming stories about Bill Gaines.

Episode 95 Franklin Rex: After winning the Podcast Alley vote, Leo says "We were Number 1 on Podcast [Alley].  That's all we care about.  So now, the rest is gravy.  It makes its own gravy, this podcast."  A non-sequitur which is to become the slogan of DGW.

Episode 97 The Flag Waver:  Dick is a true eccentric, and his way of watching the 4th of July fireworks is further evidence of this.
Episode 99 Oakley O Rokr:  Before this episode, Dick has been saying "I'll be here" on and off, at the end of the shows.  But it is not until this episode, after listeners write in about it, that Dick realises it, and ever since then, it's become Dick's official tag line.
Episode 101 Cruzin' Cooler: Dick has always prided himself on showing us wacky gadgets.  This is one of the earlier classic ones.

Episode 115 SunSquirt:  We are now all very familiar with Dan Lueders and his prolific output of themes and jingles for DGW.  When Leo invited submissions of a gravy jingle for DGW, Dan was one of the participants.  At the end of this episode, Dick mentioned Dan's submission which he thought had been played the day before (or was going to be played), but it never appeared on air.  The submission was "lost" until it reapearaed in Episode 313.  It was also to become the basis of Dan's Disclaimer Theme.
Episode 118 Energizer Quick Switch Flashlight:  Paul's Closing Theme started appearing in downloads from Episode 116 onwards, but it was in Episode 118 that it was first officially aired.  A milestone in DGW history, the first of many jingles to come.

Episode 137 Altec Lansing FX6021:  After Dick and Leo started reading a letter each day, Leo got the idea that they should have a Letters Jingle.  This is where Leo invited submissions.  It also had a letter from Seth, a sweet story of how he was "saved" on the road by simply listening to DGW.
Episode 138 Radar Golf: Another wacky gadget, with a touch of the risque.

Episode 145 Dejaview:  Leo will probably hate me for this, but Leo was on good form, getting a little wild maybe, but please don't tell the sponsors.

Episode 149 Key Buoy:  Another classic, with an important health advisory.

Episode 151 Gorillapod:  An off-beat choice perhaps, but despite its ear-jarring tendency, this early Finnish letters jingle submission was actually missed after it was discontinued - which generated a search , during which Dan Lueders's earlier gravy jingle submission was retrieved.

Episode 169 Garmin Forerunner 305:  A listener makes a suggestion for the Halloween show, but Dick says, "We don't have time."  Leo makes good fun of it.  As it turned out, the Halloween show for that year was to become another classic.

Episode 173 Plantronics Discovery 655:  Leo loves doing his phoney accents, and the Scottish one is one of his favourites.  Here he gives a Scottish rendition of the Letters Jingle.
Episode 182 The Titanium Spork:  A hot favourite, on Halloween.  Dick calls it El Crappo Plus, but the audience love it, and it still gets talked about in fan emails.

Episode 188 Kingston K-PEX 100:  A listener bust a gut listening to DGW.  Proof positive that DGW is not good for your health.

Episode 208 Viewsonic ViewDock Monitor:  George Wood's original Letters Jingle was a favourite for many listeners, but this Festive Letters Jingle was an instant hit, and every year it gets played earlier and earlier.  Somehow it seems to embody all the cheers, joy and anticipation that is the Daily Giz Wiz itself.

Episode 246 A Visit To The Gadget Warehouse:  Right from the very first Warehouse Friday (Episode 5), Dick described what the real Gadget Warehouse was like, but many listeners still thought that it was just a piece of imaginatiion.  In this episode, Leo took some time off while filming Regis and Kelly in New York, to visit Dick in his warehouse.  A real treasure trove.

Episode 253 Databreaker:  In the early days, Dick and Leo used to joke about the lack of sponsors, and beg for sponsorship.  Here is the start of one of their most spectacular attempt, and failure, with To[s]tino.  Dick and Leo should count themselves lucky - see Episode

Episode 282 Toothpick Bird:  Exactly 100 episodes after the Spork comes another piece of crap from under Leo's desk.  Leo was to have his revenge in Episode 413 when Dick gives us another bird, Squawkers McCaw.

Episode 291 The Smart Cab:  Listener Shane has a risky plot for his marriage proposal to his then pish-posh girlfriend.  Will it work?  Follow the story in Episodes 299 and 312.

Episode 364 HP Photosmart R937 Pet Eye Camera:  The beginning of a lovely relationship between the Daily Giz Wiz and a computer wiz from Poland, Ludwik Trammer, of GizWizSearch, who Dick thought for a very long time was 15 years old.  As far as I know, Ludwik is now 22, going on 23?  Still eligible.

Episode 391 Bedfan:  Another of the nonsense pieces from Dick and Leo gives us another slogan, "The worse your life is, the better we sound."
Episode 406 Purseguard Ultra:  It's not often that Leo gets a real chance to trash Dick's gadgets, and Leo isn't about to let it slip away.

Episode 463 Talking Photo Album:  Despite Leo's ADD condition and always trying to do ten things at a time, he seldom slips up really badly.  But this time Leo just doesn't get it.  One of Dick's favourite episodes.

Episode 528 Fred's 500XL Desktop Earbuds Speakers:  The gadget itself is wacky enough, but perhaps this show is more noteworthy for the first appearance of an official DGW theme from Dan Lueders - Theme Free Wednesday.

Episode 552 Canon VIXIA HV30:  A good example of how enthusiastic listeners' response can be.  Someone challenged the claim by the makers of the 500XL Desktop Earbuds Speakers (500 times the size of the iPod earbuds).  Another reminisced about the metal plate that thawed frozen foods but couldn't remember the name.- the Miracle Thaw.  Floods of emails in response.
Episode 598 Uroclub:  The wacky companion to Radar Golf.

Episode 670 GFX-100 Indoor Antenna:  Dick has mentioned a few scams, but the cleverly crafted and almost completely truthful promotional material of this Indoor Antenna was a wonder.  Other listeners may "prefer" other dodgy gadgets, and the Electron Echo Mini Piano (Episode 465) seems to have generated more searches on Ludwik's website, and more comments and enquiries on mine, than any other.

Enjoy your vote.  If you have a favourite episode but can't remember the episode number, try searching on GizWizSearch, or send me an email to insidedgw@gmail.com, and'll try to help.  Have fun.

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