Daily Giz Wiz 734: New Year's Resolution

Episode 734 of the podcast

New Year's Resolution
Subject: Review of New Year's Resolution
Released:Thursday 1 January 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

New Year's resolutions for Dick, Leo, and the TWiT Army.

Detailed information

Dick asked listeners on the TWiT Army to write in about their New Year Resolutions.  Here are some: that everyone gets a SpearHat (Episode 537); to quit smoking; to be debt-free; to watch a lot more TWiTLive: to keep the stress down to avoid the migraines; to spend more time with real people and less time on the computer; to help with a public service organisation; to stop buying any more yarn for 6 months; to eat less candy-coated chocolate and more broccoli; to learn Russian; to get a job that allows him to get the DGW gadgets plus a pair of Converse sneakers every month; to get a Titanium Spork (Episode 182) and a Toothpick Bird (Episode 282); to buy Good Days and Mad and get an audio book version of it; and never to have a New Year Resolution.

Twitter Offer

Leo offered a trip to France to anyone who decided to follow him.  Dick thinks Leo should have added, "Transportation not included."

Withdrawal Symptoms

When Leo was away, Dick missed doing the show, and had to go on Stickam.

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