Daily Giz Wiz 741: I Hear Safe Headphones

Episode 741 of the podcast

I Hear Safe Headphones
Subject: Review of I Hear Safe Headphones
Released:Monday 12 January 2009
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

Save your kids' ears with the lower-than 85 decibel I Hear Safe Headphones.

Detailed information

Parents who are worried about their children's earphones getting too loud can get these iHearSafe Earbuds with an upper limit of 85dB.  No more tinnitus.  Also available are iHearSafe Headphones and Earclips.

The Secret to Comedy

Foot, thigh and chicken stock lead Leo to ask Dick what the secret to comedy is.  A common ingredient is the surprise element, the unexpected.

Leo and Henry in Mad

Both Leo and Henry Laporte have been featured in Mad's game show parodies.  Check back at Episode 61 for Leo's appearance in Mad, and Episode 427 for Henry's.

Filming Game Shows

Jonathan Wander from Monroeville, PA, loves Dick's inside stories, like the one about Jack Benny, (e.g. in Episode 709).  Dick has mentioned before that the Match Game was recorded several shows a day.  Jonathan was 11 when he was in New York in the 70's and got permission from his parents to go and watch the filming of the Sale of the Century hosted by Joe Garagiola, with strict instructions to be back at the hotel in an hour.  What they thought was an hour's filming turned out to be an all-day affair, which left his parents panicking about where he had gone.

Lost in France

Henry was allowed to go off on his own in France and he got himself lost both in Rennes and in Paris.  Listen to how he got back to the hotels.

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