Daily Giz Wiz 806: Acustibuds

Episode 806 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Acustibuds
Released:Monday 13 April 2009
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Keep your earphones in place with greater comfort with Acoustibuds earphone adapters.

Detailed information

If you prefer flanges to the "flat-faced" earbuds that you have, the Acoustibuds are for you.  These are rubber flanges adapters which fit on to most earbuds.  They make your earphones stay in your ears, and because of the better fit, give you better sound.

Woot and eBay

Dick has been buying T-Shirts from Woot Shirt.  Every day they come up with a new T-Shirt.  They sell Woot wine as well.  Dick is also looking out for eBay's Deal of the Day, and the other day got the Octopus 4-port USB Hub (one of which is a mini-USB).

Anti-Burst Fitness Ball

Leo may have an anti-burst fitness ball (Episode 322), but it's not leak-proof.  He's getting replacements for his present one, which has been leaking air the last few days.

Meeting at A T & T

The SensorPlug (Episode 794) reminds Tobias Robinson of a meeting he had in a conference room at AT&T, where the lights kept going off.  As soon as they headed off to the light switches, the lights came back by themselves.  They finally worked out that the room was equipped with motion-sensitive lights, and for the rest of the meeting, they behaved like the expressive Italians, waving their arms and hands about while talking, to keep the lights on.

The Suggestion for "The Pod"

Dick wants to acknowledge that "The Pod" (Episode 793)was a suggestion from Eric McClintock.

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