Daily Giz Wiz 793: The Pod

Episode 793 of the podcast

The Pod
Subject: Review of The Pod
Released:Wednesday 25 March 2009
Length:about 25 minutes
Download file:dgw0793.mp3 (11.6 MB)

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Short info

Stabilize your camera with The Pod, a bean bag with a universal mounting bolt.

Detailed information

Another alternative to the tripod, after the Gorillapod (Episode 151), for stabilising your camera or camcorder.  From Canada, "The Pod" is like a bean bag, a waterproof nylon case with plastic pellets inside, and a tripod mount on the surface for attaching the camera or camcorder.  The pliancy of the Pod allows the camera to be placed where a tripod is impracticable or not allowed.  The Pod is sealed with a stong velcro strip which can be opened for adjusting the amount of filling you want, depending on how firm or pliant you want it to be.

It comes in 3 sizes - for small cameras, bigger or DSLR cameras, and the largest for DSLR camera with big lenses.  Each size comes in 2 models too, with a centre tripod mount, or off-centre tripod mount.

There is a sale on now, and Dick has asked the President Thom Pahmer to extend the sale period, to 18 April 2009.

A New Look for GizWizBiz

Dick's website has just had another facelift, and the Giz Wiz logo now has 3D effects.  The original logo was done by Dennis Wunderlin, and the new 3D effect was done by Todd Bailey of 4m3d.com.

WTHII February '09

The "What the heck is it?" game for February ended on 15 March.  Dick is not sure what the name of the product is, although it could be the "skullcap".  It's a protective liner for kids to wear under their baseball caps - for those who don't want to wear helmets.

How Does It Work?

David Lara does not subscribe to satellite or cable, and gets over-the-air TV signals for his HDTV via a rabbit ears antenna, like Dick's in Episode 785.  His father-in-law, despite his age, cannot comprehend how he can get TV over the air.

Mad Murders The Movies

Copies of it have arrived for Dane, autographed with a personal message: "To Dane, the soul of TWiT and the liver of the Daily Giz Wiz."  You can get your copy at BuyMadStuff.

Images from the Space Station

Leo's ADD condition is getting worse.  He was watching (and re-broadcasting) live images from the Space Station while recording the show.

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