Daily Giz Wiz 820: Compaq Evo

Episode 820 of the podcast

Compaq Evo
Subject: Review of Compaq Evo
Released:Friday 1 May 2009
Length:about 21 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Compaq Evo

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In the summer of 2002, Compac introduced the Evo D500 Ultra-Slim Desktop computer.  It was one of those towers small enough to be placed either horizontally as a stand for the monitor, or vertically as a mini-tower.  It was compatible with a Celeron or Pentium 4 CPU.  Dick's record of his Evo D500 had a Celeron 1.3 GHz processor, 128MB RAM, and a roomy 20GB hard drive.  It was a budget computer, but still cost $799.  Add a 15" LCD monitor, and it would cost you another $499.  About $1,300 in all.  Now $499 could pay for Dick's HP 24" LCD monitor with HDMI ports.

Air Flight Complaints

People complain about the seat reclining by ony 6 inches, or about not having coffee during a flight, but at the same time, an economy-class passenger can be charged with a felony for trying to get to the business-class lavatory.  Read the New York Times article on Joao Correa's unfortunate bathroom emergency.


Rick Ankrum also eschews Dick's iFlyz (Episode 783) and Leo's In Your Face Viewbase (Episode 802), and has yet another self-help solution to finding a stand for the iPod Touch (after a listener pointed out that one came with the iPod Touch itself in Episode 808).  It's the Portable Folding Clear Plastic iPod Touch Holder, more commonly known as a cassette tape case.  Leo is now reduced to using his In Your Face Viewbase for holding up his Leo Puppet - the iPuppet.

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Shouting One's Way to Success

Leo tried emulating the success of Billy Mays (and Max Appel) by shouting his way through the podcasts, but realises after 820 episodes that it doesn't work.

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