Daily Giz Wiz 829: Quik Brite LEDs

Episode 829 of the podcast

Quik Brite LEDs
Subject: Review of Quik Brite LEDs
Released:Thursday 14 May 2009
Length:about 25 minutes
Download file:dgw0829.mp3 (11.4 MB)

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Short info

Make yourself heard on the Plantronics Voyager PRO.

Detailed information

The Voyager Pro from Plantronics is a bluetooth headset designed for heavy business users, with a bigger size but better performance and battery time.  It has 2 noise cancelling boom microphones, one of which is used to collect sound for ambient noise analysis.  Great for blocking out wind noises.  When you mute the mic, a message only you can hear will tell you that the mic is muted.  Leo is loving the Calisto Pro from Plantronics, and this Voyager Pro sounds promising to him.

DGW in Surround Sound

Leo's new mixer from Telos, the Axia, will be capable of outputting surround sound called Dolby Headphone, and he wonders if listeners would prefer that.  How about good old Quadraphonic sound?

A TerraTrike for Leo

Leo has been sent a Terratrike (after Dick and Leo talked about it in Episode 815).  Leo took delivery of it during Maxwell's House last week.  Leo is going to review it in about 2 weeks' time.  It might end up as Abby's new transport, or TWiT's special limousine service.  Take a sneak preview of it here.

[play video]

Better Laundry Rooms than Home Theatres

Kevin Sweeney from Grand Junction, Colorado has written to defend Dick about the Earth Day series, the Wonder Wash and the Countertop Spin Dryer (Episodes 818, 819).  He cannot believe how stoically Dick put up the abuse Leo dished out about them.  A lot more people have laundry rooms than have home theatres, and not everyone can afford the Mini E (Episode 811).  Kevin for one is going to give the laundry gadgets to his wife for their 20th wedding anniversary - and their final, add Dick and Leo.

Great Dinner Options

Dick went as a special guest to a convention called Boys And Their Toys.  On his way to the hotel, the young limo driver assured Dick that he had chosen the right hotel, because his dinner options would include Burger King, Taco Bell and White Castle, and the subway is just around the corner.

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