Daily Giz Wiz 842: Cateye Micro Wireless

Episode 842 of the podcast

Cateye Micro Wireless
Subject: Review of Cateye Micro Wireless
Released:Tuesday 2 June 2009
Length:about 22 minutes
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Short info

Geek out on your bike with the Cat Eye Micro Wireless bicycle computer.

Detailed information

Leo now rides his newly-acquired recumbent Terratrike Cruiser (Episode 837), and is in the middle of kitting it out with accessories.  Apart from his pennons, headlights and tail-lights, he's got a loud-sounding horn recommended by kiwinerd, the Delta Airzound Bike Horn which requires no batteries and uses compressed air (refillable from any bike pump) to produce up to 115 db.

But the TTTT gadget for today is the Cateye Micro Wireless, CC-MC100W.  It is a bicycle computer (sometimes called a cyclocomputer) which is a speedometer and odometer, with LED backlight, which gives you your speed, maximum speed, distance travelled etc, like a little dashboard on the handlebar of the bike.  It is wireless in the sense that it does not need to be wired to the speed sensor which sits on one of the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

Coming Next on TTTT

Leo has an abundance of gadgets to talk about these days.  Next week he will cover his new heart-rate monitor.

Health Warning

Many people, including doctors and nurses, have written in after Leo talked about the dangers of swallowing the BuckyBalls (Episode 827).  The letter which Leo has picked is from Phil Tilsley of Ferndale, Washington.  Phil's wife works as a 911 medical dispatcher, and can confirm that strong magnets pose a serious hazard to children.  Strong magnets when swallowed can join together inside the intestines causing a blockage.

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