Daily Giz Wiz 837: Terra Trike Cruiser

Episode 837 of the podcast

Terra Trike Cruiser
Subject: Review of Terra Trike Cruiser
Released:Tuesday 26 May 2009
Length:about 22 minutes
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After Dick and Leo mentioned the Terratrike website in Episode 815, Dick was asked if he would like to try one.  Dick has no space for a tricycle in his apartment, and suggested that Terratrike get Leo to try it out.  A Terratrike Cruiser was then delivered to Leo (which arrived during the TWiTLive show Maxwell's House - see Episode 829).  It's a recumbent tricycle: two wheels in front, one at the back, front and rear derailleurs, disc brakes on the front wheels, 24-speed drivetrain, adjustable seat (aluminium frame with breathable mesh).  Suitable for long and short distance riding.  There are many more models to choose from, with optional accessories including trailers.  Leo has fallen in love with the Cruiser and so it seems have Alex Lindsay and the TWiT staff.
Leo is going to kit out his trike with accessories, including a TWiT pennon and a horn recommended by kiwinerd.  It's a loaner which Leo will return, but he has a feeling he will be buying one.  At least Alex Lindsay is.  As Dick says, it's going to be Pedal-uma.

No Value for Valeo

After his trusty Gophersport Anti-Burst Stability Ball retired from service, having been used day in day out for about 2 years, Leo went cheap and ordered another brand of fitness ball from Amazon, Valeo.  Soon after he bought the new ones, there was an announcement that they were being recalled.  Leo's new balls proved to be leaky very soon, and he will go back to the Gophersport again.
As it turned out, the Valeo was not only leaky.  It burst while Leo was on TWiTLive last Tuesday.

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Free of Charge?

Stefan from Norway is puzzled by the Samsung Charging Stations mentioned by Toyota Boy in Episode 818.  "What's the point of a charging station if it's free of charge?" muses Stefan.  "Ha-ha, those No-wegians," says Dick.

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