Daily Giz Wiz 832: Dynama Powerball

Episode 832 of the podcast

Dynama Powerball
Subject: Review of Dynama Powerball
Released:Tuesday 19 May 2009
Length:about 23 minutes
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Link: Dynaflex Pro

Leo has 2 related gadgets to show today.  The first one is the Dynaflex Powerball Gyroscope, which you shake using the arm and wrist.  Inside the ball is a gyroscope which by its nature keeps itself stable by resisting outside movements.  The resistance offered by the gyroscope, up to 40 lbs of torque, makes you work hard to speed up the movement inside.  Light and sound included.  A speedometer is optional.  so is a docking station.  You can also get it at Think Geek.

If you want serious resistance, you can try the Dynamax Core Trainer 2, offering up to 200 lbs of torque, which works in the same way, but with 2 handle bars for upper body training.

Power Demos

Watch Leo demo the 2 gadgets today.  Clip taken from odtv.me.

[play video]

Another Guest Appearance on DGW

Guests on DGW are rare.  There have been Amber MacArthur (Episode 77) and Henry Laporte (Episode 252), and Dane Golden, after his voice appearance as White Fang in Episode 826, makes his video debut as himself.  He's angling for a Dick and Dane show, but before he can do that, Leo will make him work hard for it, by acting as Leo's proxy in exercising with the Core Trainer.  Dane is also thinking where the TWiT Head Office should be, perhaps in Truth Or Consequences in New Mexico.

InsideDGW on GizWiz.Biz

Dick has created a page for InsideDGW on his new website at Square Space, which features all the letters read on the shows, plus any links, pictures or videos worth following up.  Check out InsideDGW on GizWiz.Biz.

Thumbs-Up for the Pogoplug

Toyota Boy is very happy with the Pogoplug (Episode 817), and Leo confirms that the iPhone App designed for it works on 3G as well as Wifi.  Pity it doesn't work as a cup warmer too.

Exercise Fanatic

Leo has become an exercise fanatic.  He goes to the gym, does TWiT Fit, rides his Terratrike, and has just signed up for a Pilates class, working on the "Reformer" Pilates machine.

Terratrike on TTTT

Next Tuesday, Leo will review the Terratrike.  See Episode 829 for a preview.  Leo is going to ride it through Petaluma with an orange pennon and a TWiT pennon.

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