Daily Giz Wiz 888: SanDisk slotRadio

Episode 888 of the podcast

SanDisk slotRadio
Subject: Review of SanDisk slotRadio
Released:Wednesday 5 August 2009
Length:about 29 minutes
Download file:dgw0888.mp3 (13.3 MB)

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Short info

Listen to digital media without downloading, with the SanDisk slotRadio.

Detailed information

A slotRadio card has 1,000 DRM songs on it, which the new SanDisk slotRadio Player, the SanDisk slotMusic Player (Episode 688) and the Sansa Fuze (Episode 543) can play, in sequence only: no rewinding, no shuffling, but you can skip individual songs.  Currently there are 8 different cards, each with a different theme.  The slotRadio Player can also play other MP3 and WMA files on your own microSD card.

Fit for Battle

Dick's setup is getting more and more professional.  He's been using the Heil PR-40 microphone for quite a while now.  A few weeks ago he switched to a Logitech webcam for a much better video picture, and today Leo has just noticed the nice headset Dick has been using, the Bose TriPort Tactical Headset, which is fit for the military.

Panasonic Vibration Headphones

While in Japan, Leo bought a smart pair of Panasonic headphones for Henry, but was disappointed to find when he came back that they were available at Amazon.  This reminds Dick of a crazy pair of Panasonic headphones in the Gadget Warehouse which sat behind your neck and would vibrate to the beat of the music.  Could they be the Panasonic Shaker Extreme RP-HS900?

Knuckles Calendar

Long-time listener Anish, whose name rhymes with "quiche", as "Leo" rhymes with "mayo", has not written for a while but assures Dick that he's still a fan.  In Episode 876 Dick and Leo talked about nursery rhymes which help children remember how many days there are in each month.  Unlike some of us, Anish is still young enough to remember the things his parents taught him, one of which is the knuckles calendar.  The bumps represent the long months, and the valleys represent the short ones, as Leo ably demonstrates.

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