Daily Giz Wiz 104: Wavy Wand

Episode 104 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Wavy Wand
Released:Thursday 13 July 2006
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

Today Dick demonstrates the Wavy Wand Virtual Display. Wave this wand and a series of 48 LED’s can display text, pictures and animation. It’s programmable so you can also create your own messages. Includes a brightness control, and most amazingly --- batteries are included!!!! Under $30.

Detailed information

Using the "persistence of vision" phenomenon, a quick waving motion of the wand tricks your eyes into seeing the full 48-LED display of the image, animation or message as if suspended in the air.  It comes loaded with different images and messages.  Buy the extra USB cable, and you can create new images on your computer for use with the Wavy Wand.  It also works as a flashlight.
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The Wavy Wand has a motion sensor, a computer, and a series of LED’s.  As you wave the Wavy Wand the LED’s are turning on and off very rapidly, at the rate of over 1250 times per second.  The time and position where the LEDs go on and off is controlled by the computer based on the waving motion as measured by the motion sensor.

Programmable Licence Plate

Listeners have written in to say the scrolling LED Programmable Licence Plate (Episode 72) is illegal in where they live.

Daily listeners from Killara High School

Andrew Summerick from Sydney, Australia has recruited his schoolmates into the DGW global audience.

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