Daily Giz Wiz 423: Riproar's Video Creation Station

Episode 423 of the podcast

Riproar's Video Creation Station
Subject: Review of Riproar's Video Creation Station
Released:Wednesday 17 October 2007
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0423.mp3 (8.2 MB)

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Short info

A USB video camera with green screen and tripod for under $100, it's the Riproar Video Creation Station.

Detailed information

From Riproar Media, the Video Creation Station is a camcorder that comes with a tripod and 2 green cloths or screens, which allows you to shoot your own video in your "home studio".  The green backdrop can be manipulated by the software that comes with the camcorder to switch to other backgrounds and fun effects, and the video can be uploaded to You Tube with the press of a click.  The quality is web quality, but the emphasis is on the fun aspect of making a video.

Video Creation Station Commercial
[play video]

Match Game Questions

The Match Game Cards are selling like hot cakes.  Dick has to increase the price by $2 to $21.99, as he has under-estimated the cost of the package.  There are only 4 GizWizBiz Inka Pens left, but Dick might order more.

Another Jingle Idea

Philip from Your Friendly Neighbourhood has another jingle idea, for Leo looking for a jingle to play (Episode 417).  Sometimes Dick starts his day at the Mad offices by play a DGW episode to listen to the DGW Opening Theme, which was done by Mark Blasco of Podcastthemes, on a geek cruise (the story of which Leo did tell, in Episode 27).

DGW Chimes

Rob Greyber has done a DGW Chimes Generator for Windows, which Leo can only play on his PC and we can't hear it because Leo is recording the show on his Mac.  Leo thinks he read a letter from Rob a couple of weeks ago, but it was a letter from Darcy Fiander with that idea that was read out, in Episode 412.  Darcy, creator of the Toothpick Bird's Random Pick, has also offered to create the chimes.

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