Daily Giz Wiz 259: Olevia

Episode 259 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Olevia
Released:Thursday 1 March 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0259.mp3 (7 MB)

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Short info

How low can they go? The Olevia 537H is a 37-inch LCD HDTV selling for around $800.

Detailed information

37" LCD TV from Olevia.  1366 x 768 resolution; 1600:1 contrast ratio; HDMI, component, composite and VGA inputs; built-in TV tuner and stereo speakers.  The firmware is upgradable via USB.  Dick explains how Olevia has driven down TV prices.


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Answering Machine

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Did you know?

According to listener E Cash, to download a CD worth of data, a 300 baud modem would take 57 weeks.

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