Daily Giz Wiz 665: VCR Co-Pilot

Episode 665 of the podcast

VCR Co-Pilot
Subject: Review of VCR Co-Pilot
Released:Friday 26 September 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: VCR Co-Pilot.

Detailed information

Inspired by the VCR Plus in Episode 560, listener Karl M. from Phoenix, Arizona saw the VCR Co-Pilot at Goodwill for $1 and bought it for Dick's Gadget Warehouse.  The VCR Co-Pilot was designed to avoid having to set your timed recording on your VCR via the on-screen menu which was not always intuitive.  The website is still there, and there's even a quick guide for using the Co-Pilot.

Karl is obviously interested in past gadgets.  He last wrote in Episode 640 asking Dick if he had the Rabbit Video Multiplier in the Warehouse.

Make Me Mad

For his retirement fund, Dick has been storing a case each of all the Mad books he's written, kept in the Gadget Warehouse, thinking it must be a gold mine.  A recent tot-up of the rent for the Gadget Warehouse for the past 20 years (currently $380 a month) makes him realise that his retirement plan doesn't quite add up.  So he's selling a lot of his old Mad stuff.  A recently discovered case of paperback Good Days and Mad sold out in 6 hours after Dick mentioned it on Twitter.  A case of Good Days and Mad hard covers is beckoning.  Over the next few months, Dick will be offering to listeners other Mad stuff such as Mad stationery and other things Bill Gaines had, on MakeMeMad.

The Day I Fell Off My Ball

Dick thinks that Leo should one day write about his life, which should make a neat little booklet.  "The Day I Fell Off My Ball" maybe, thinks Leo.  For previous ideas about Leo's biography or autobiography, see Episodes 320, 324 and 589.

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