Daily Giz Wiz 430: Westclox Touchscreen Alarm Clock

Episode 430 of the podcast

Westclox Touchscreen Alarm Clock
Subject: Review of Westclox Touchscreen Alarm Clock
Released:Friday 26 October 2007
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0430.mp3 (6.9 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: the Westclox Touchscreen Alarm Clock.

Detailed information

From Westclox, which used to make Dick's favourite Nap Timers (Episode 40), this Touchscreen Alarm Clock was controlled through a touchscreen interface.  Touch the "icons" for Time Set or Alarm Set, then the Up or Down Arrow to adjust the setting.  Press on the Alarm On/Off icon to activate or de-activate the alarm.  It's an LCD, not LED, screen, and there's a button to press to light up the screen in the dark.  Rubberised grips on both sides and at the top make it easy and secure to handle.  Still available.  Dick likes it so much that he's going to revive its fortunes by releasing it from the Gadget Warehouse.

Westclox Classics

Dick and Leo reminisce about Westclox's classic Big Ben and Baby Ben models, and the Drowse Electric.  Check out some of these sites: Clock History, Vintage Westclox, Alarm Clocks Online.  Many of the old or classic models are available in modern, retro versions, at e.g. Alarm Clocks Online, Part Shelf.

Watch Winders

While talking about timepieces, Dick mentions automatic watch winders that wind up automatic or self-winding watches when you're not wearing them.  Widely available, e.g. Brookstone, Amazon, WatchWinders, Watch Winder Store.  Leo, on the other hand, keeps straying from chronography into pornography.

Match Game Cards Update

A listener whose Vox handle is Blarg has left a comment on this blog to say that the Match Game Cards are now $29.99 per set of 3, plus postage.  Dick says on his site that people have been telling him by email that he's selling the cards too cheaply.  The site doesn't say what the new price is, but once you click the Buy Now button, the invoice shows $29.99.  Read Dick's update.

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