Daily Giz Wiz 451: iRobot Looj

Episode 451 of the podcast

iRobot Looj
Subject: Review of iRobot Looj
Released:Monday 26 November 2007
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0451.mp3 (6.4 MB)

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Detailed information

From iRobot, the Looj is a gutter cleaning robot that removes leaves and debris from your gutter.  It uses a rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery, and the handle detaches from the robot to form the remote control.  Put the robot in the gutter and use the remote control to move the robot along the entire gutter.  The robot can move back and forth.  The blades at its front, equipped with bristle, rotate (in either direction) at 500 rpm to clean off sludge and debris.  There's a video demo at the iRobot site.

Roomba Lighthouse

Although not the subject of a DGW episode, the iRobot Roomba has been mentioned before (in Episode 165).  The Roomba now has a Virtual Wall Lighthouse which directs the Roomba where to go.

It's a brand new week

Anish, who rhymes with quiche, as Leo rhymes with mayo, writes again (Episodes 322, 378) and has an observation to make.  Leo always sings the same sort of stuff every Monday, "It's a brand new week and a brand new day and a brand new daily giz wiz."  Another idea for a jingle?

Audible ...

... is back on DGW, with Steve Martin.  Go to http://www.audible.com/gizwiz, sign up and get a free credit.

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