Daily Giz Wiz 471: Sentry USB Safe

Episode 471 of the podcast

Sentry USB Safe
Subject: Review of Sentry USB Safe
Released:Monday 31 December 2007
Length:about 26 minutes
Download file:dgw0471.mp3 (11.8 MB)

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Short info

Last gadget of the year: Protect your data with the Sentry USB Safe.

Detailed information

On New Year's Eve, Dick previews the Sentry Fire-Safe (Model QE5541) is designed to protect your modern-day digital data.  It is fire-proof and water-resistant, has a CD/DVD organiser which stores up to 72 optical discs, and also stores your conventional A4 size papers, box files etc.  What's more, it can store a 2.5" hard drive with USB connectivity (with USB port and cable) so that you can backup your data into the safe.  It has already won a CES 2008 Best of Innovations Award.  With this safe, you would not need to go through what Francis Ford Coppola did with his laptop and backup drive.

Laportes in a Bedouin Tent

Tonight, the Laportes will be spending the night in a bedouin tent in Egypt.  Read about Leo's Egyptian trip in his blog, and see some of his pics in his Photos section.


Geoff says he knows he's in trouble when he has something from Dick's Gadget Warehouse, such as the BIC Antenna (Episode 440), or has been using gadgets well before Dick and Leo start reviewing them on DGW, such as the Meraki Mini (Episode 432), and the Eee PC (Episode 447).

Geoff recommends the magicJack for Leo for use in Egypt.

Second Longest DGW

Dick and Leo have been giving us pretty long DGWs recently.  This episode is the second longest episode (Episode 291 The Smart Cab remaining the longest), followed by Episode 466 The Checkmate Appetite Intake Controller in 3rd place, and Episode 465 The Electron-Echo Piano in 4th place.

For more statistics on DGW, go to Ludwik Trammer's GizWizSearch Statistics Page.

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