Daily Giz Wiz 620: Sony Sports Radio with Monocular

Episode 620 of the podcast

Sony Sports Radio with Monocular
Subject: Review of Sony Sports Radio with Monocular
Released:Friday 25 July 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Stereo Sports Monocular Radio.

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Link: www.monocular.info

From 1994, Sony made this SRF-X90 Monocular Sports Radio.  It was a 8x magnification monocular made for live sports viewing, with an AM/FM stereo radio.  The idea was you could watch the sports event while listening to radio commentary through the earphones, complete with AVLS (automatic volume limiter system).  Water-resistant.  Worked on one AA battery.

One of these is available on Amazon UK at the time of writing.

Folding the Omelette

Dick once showed on Regis a set of Börnschaft copper-bottomed pots, all for $20.  Instead of folding the omelette, Dick folded the frying pan, live on TV.

WTHII Game Show

In response to Leo's question whether WTHII could make a TV game show (Episode 610), Michael Richardson writes in to say that there was already such a show, Liar's Club.  You can watch clips from the show on YouTube, such as this link.

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