Daily Giz Wiz 738: ThinkGeek LED Candles

Episode 738 of the podcast

ThinkGeek LED Candles
Subject: Review of ThinkGeek LED Candles
Released:Wednesday 7 January 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Blow on, blow off these real wax ThinkGeek LED Candles.

Detailed information

Usually one blows off candles, and one can have candles that re-ignite themselves after being blown off, but Think Geek has come up with these Bicolor LED Blow On-Off Candles.  The case is made of wax, and inside are LED lights (which can be switched between blue and a more natural yellow colour).  You can blow the candle out, and then you can blow it on.  4 or 6 inches high.

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For the previous candles introduced by Dick, see Candle Impressions (Episode 211).

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