Daily Giz Wiz 746: Fuji Enviromax Batteries

Episode 746 of the podcast

Fuji Enviromax Batteries
Subject: Review of Fuji Enviromax Batteries
Released:Monday 19 January 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Power greener with the long-lasting, mercury and cadmium free Fuji's EnviroMAX Batteries.

Detailed information

Eco-friendliness was one of the themes of CES 2009Fuji has entered the batteries fray and announced these green EnviroMAX batteries which contain no mercury or cadmium, and the packaging contains no non-recyclable PVC plastic, so that their disposal through normal waste systems will not harm the environment.  7 years shelf life.  Fuji claims that independent tests have shown that these batteries equal and in some cases exceed the performance and longevity of other major brands of batteries.  Available in spring 2009 in the usual alkaline batteries types.

It's All Water

Dick and Leo muse about our lack of economic wisdom by paying more for less in the form of diet soda and bottled water from the public water supply.

Netcasts You Love ...

Kevin Selle, meteorologist and podcaster of WeatherBrains from Dallas, Texas, has his 4th letter read (the most recent in Episode 601, when he wrote about waiting to be called for jury service while listening to the UroClub Episode 598).  He wonders who are the voices in the beginning of all of TWiT's netcasts.  It's the announcer Jim Cutler saying "Netcasts you love ... ," Leo's neighbour Laura Sunday saying "from people you trust ... ," and Leo saying "This is TWiT."

For a special version by Jim Cutler of the Netcasts You Love intro, see Episode 322.

A Merry-Go-Round

Jim Cutler also does a podcast, Serving Donuts.  Kevin Selle has just written in to DGW, Leo has just appeared on his latest WeatherBrains podcast, and Jim Cutler's latest episode fetaures a TV weatherman.

Leo's Hospitality

Leo is still feeling bad about not having taken good care of Dick on his last visit to Petaluma, when Dick and his friend Dennis had to go off to see a movie on their own, in contrast to what Dick had arranged for Leo and Dane Golden when they visited New York.  Leo hopes for a second chance.

What The Heck Is It?

An out-of-cycle WTHII, this time from Leo, previewing tomorrow's TTTT gadget.  Leo will reveal all tomorrow.

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