Daily Giz Wiz 874: Clean Head Trimmer

Episode 874 of the podcast

Clean Head Trimmer
Subject: Review of Clean Head Trimmer
Released:Thursday 16 July 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Keep the ol' noggin tidy with the Clean Head Trimmer.

Detailed information

The Conair CleanHead Groomer is a head shaver designed for contour shaving of your scalp, or a short haircut.  It has 2 angled shaving foils, a trimmer attachment for stubble look and fade cuts (3-position taper control), and 3 comb attachments (for different hair lengths).  Cordless and rechargeable.  Dick could make good use of this, as long as he doesn't put it under his nose, as he did with the Mitey Mixer (Episode 870).

The High Line Park

When Dick went to Chelsea Piers to try out the Axius/Zeus Propulsion System (Episode 873), he took the opportunity to visit the High Line Park.  The High Line used to be a railroad in Manhattan which originally ran at street level but was later elevated because of accidents.  It became mainly a freight line and ran through a lot of the warehouses along the river dropping off freight along the way.  It fell into desuetude and was going to be dismantled, until a group campaigned for its survival and it is now turned into an elevated park.  Dick has taken some photos which you can find at Smugmug.

A Tonsure for Henry

Henry Laporte and his gang once tried the male pattern baldness look on themselves, and then went the whole hog and shaved their heads clean.

The Flowbee

Another self-help hair-cutter is the Flowbee that trims your hair and and sucks it away with a vacuum cleaner.  Leo prefers his neighbour Felice who cuts Leo's and Henry's hair in her garage.


Talk of Early Choices (Episode 841) reminded Mike Troiano of a visit to a furniture store in Jamaica which had the coolest lamp.  It was a train lamp with a heat-activated zoetrope which, when the lamp lit up and warmed up, tricked your eyes into seeing images of a train moving through mountains and deserts.  Now the coolest thing about this letter is how Early Choices, a toilet seat for young children, managed to trigger memory of a train lamp.

This in turn triggers Dick's memory of the train zoetropes he saw in his younger days and reminds Leo of Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope.

The Cutting Edge of Popular Culture

Dick had never heard about the connection between Henry Ford and Thomas Edison until Leo told him in Episode 870 about the latter's Last Breath.  Then just the other day, Dick saw on PBS a programme on Thomas Edison and how Henry Ford moved all his stuff to the Henry Ford Museum.  Leo knows all about what's hot and what's not.

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