Daily Giz Wiz 791: The Budget Gadget USb 3 Fan Cooling Pad

Episode 791 of the podcast

The Budget Gadget USb 3 Fan Cooling Pad
Subject: Review of The Budget Gadget USb 3 Fan Cooling Pad
Released:Monday 23 March 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0791.mp3 (7.1 MB)

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Short info

Be fruitful and multiply with the blue LED-lit BudgetGadgets.com USB 3 Fan Cooling Pad.

Detailed information

Available on budgetgadgets.com, this USB 3-Fan Cooling Pad for Notebooks has blue LED lights, and is powered via the USB port.

Recording on St Patrick's Day

This week's recording was done on St Patrick's Day.  Leo had the corned beef and cabbage pot pie with Guinness gravy.  Otherwise the only celebration in Petaluma was painting Dane Golden green.

Studio Guest

Dr Kiki dropped by the TWiT Cottage and appeared on MacBreak Weekly just before the recording of DGW.  Dr Kiki is an expert on the neural physiology of birds, or bird brains, but that was not why she came to see Leo.  She is going to do a science show on TWiT.

Moshi Out Of Control

It was Steve Horlick who recommended the Moshi IVR Clock to Dick (who also reminded Dick of the Panasonic CPA in Episode 755).  He was listening to Episode 784 on his computer.  His own Moshi was about 10 feet behind him, and Moshi kept responding to Dick's commands and resetting the time.

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