Daily Giz Wiz 712: C Crane Wi-Fi Radio

Episode 712 of the podcast

C Crane Wi-Fi Radio
Subject: Review of C Crane Wi-Fi Radio
Released:Tuesday 2 December 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
Download file:dgw0712.mp3 (8.6 MB)

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Short info

Hear thousands of Internet radio stations with the C Crane Wi-Fi Radio.

Detailed information

Leo was thinking of doing an update on the Chumby (Episode 456), which he might still do.  Thanks to sunkenplanet in the chatroom, Leo is reminded of a gadget he's been using recently, CCrane Radio's CC Wifi Radio.  With this "radio", you can access over 14,000 internet radio stations and streams, either via a hard-wired Cat 5e ethernet cable or Wifi (b or g, supporting WEP, WPA and WPA2).  Supported audio file formats include MP3, AAC, WMA, AU, AIFF, WAV and RealAudio.  99 presets, IR Remote Control.

You can browse for stations, arranged alphabetically, by Genre or Location.  To add you own Station or Stream not already on the Wifi Radio, you can set up an account at Reciva and register your CC Wifi Radio, then make additions to "My Stations" and "My Streams".  The new additions will then appear and can be accessed on your Wifi Radio.

The firmware is upgradable.

Wait For Dick

Dick has to answer the door, for a UPS delivery.  It's a Belkin box, which Dick will open tomorrow for another "What's In The Box?" session.

Leo has been pretty quick coming up with the Wait For Dick jingle the last few occasions.  There is hope yet that one day he may become tech-savvy.

GizWiz Video

Ludwik has asked Leo for permission to put the video recording for each episode on GizWizSearch.com.  He might do the capture himself, or use the streams captured by kiwinerd and others, lower-res versions of which are available on odtv.me.  Follow his progress on the TWiT Army.  Meanwhile, go to odtv.me for the weekly recording (in one whole chunk).

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