Daily Giz Wiz 833: Wowee Flytech Bladestar

Episode 833 of the podcast

Wowee Flytech Bladestar
Subject: Review of Wowee Flytech Bladestar
Released:Wednesday 20 May 2009
Length:about 22 minutes
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Detailed information

From Wowwee, the Flytech Bladestar is billed as an "indoor flying machine".  Not quite a helicopter, just the blades.  The infra red remote control uses 6 AA batteries, which can be connected to the blades for charging.  10 minutes of charging gives you 5 minutes of flight time.  It has an avoidance mode, so it can steer away from obstacles such as a wall.  Comes with 2 spare wings.  If you buy two, you can get a "dog fight adapter" so the two can duel with each other.

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Propeller on a Stick

If you want a full helicopter, Dick has talked about the PicooZ Helicopter before (Episode 204), or you can get the Dragonfly that Leo mentions.  For something simpler, try looking for the retro toy propeller on a stick, or make one yourself - with full instructions on sci-toys.com.


Dick and Leo have recently talked about infomercial-man Billy Mays (in Episode 820).  Discovery Channel has a documentary on Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, called Pitchmen.

Learning English on Audible

Paul Griswold, who's visited Dick at his office at MAD, has found another use for Audible.  Paul has a Japanese wife, who finds listening to Audible books, along with the book itself borrowed from the library, a great way of learning English.

Bat Boy The Musical

Bat Boy was a fictional creature (half-bat, half-boy) featured in the old tabloid Weekly World News, and made his way into an off-Broadway musical, in which he started learning English by watching Masterpiece Theatre (originally hosted by the late Alistair Cooke, now by Laura Linney).  There's even a recording on CD of the musical by the original cast.

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