Daily Giz Wiz 847: Logitech VX Nano

Episode 847 of the podcast

Logitech VX Nano
Subject: Review of Logitech VX Nano
Released:Tuesday 9 June 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
Download file:dgw0847.mp3 (9.2 MB)

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Point and click on the go with the comfort of being at home with the Logitech VX Nano cordless laser mouse.

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Link: Logitech

When Leo starts this week's TTTT, he asks Dick if Dick has done this gadget before.  Dick doesn't think so, and the chatroom, who have already dozed off at the sound of another TTTT, do not demur.  On Leo goes.  Leo has had this mouse for some time now, but has been prompted by Steve Gibson' recent recommendation of this mouse in Security Now! Episode 197 to cover it on TTTT.  Then Dick finds out that he is already using this very mouse.

Not only that, but Dick did actually cover this gadget, in Episode 523.  What's funnier is, Leo himself was half way into his introduction of this mouse in Episode 522, but when he found out that it was going to be one of Dick's gadgets for the week, he swithced to the Tom Bihn Western Flyer instead.  It is a neat little mouse, and worth a reprise.  Listen to excerpts of the 2 earlier episodes:

[play video]

What really takes Steve Gibson's fancy, and Leo's, is the Logitech VX Nano's very fast scrolling ability, very useful these days with long web pages and verbose posts, like this blog.  "Zero-friction", is how Steve describes it.  For the other functions, read Episode 523 again.

Gadget Encores

With the sheer number of gadgets covered in the Daily Giz Wiz, it is a wonder that gadgets have not been repeated more often.  The only other gadgets which have been featured twice were the HydraBrush in Episodes 226 and 480 (which Dick was aware of), and a Gadget Warehouse resident, the Motorola add-on MP3 player for cellphones (Episodes 380 and 630).

iTunes Misbehaving

Mike Gigabyte has found that the Daily Giz Wiz, apart from being in the Podcast category, has now gone into the iTunes Music folder, so that it gets shuffled and played at random as well as the rest of his music.  Has Leo put the wrong tag on the downloads?  Leo doesn't think so, but can't really figure out why this is suddenly happening.  It must be because of all the jingles, or iTunes thinks that the Giz Wiz Got Talent.

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