Daily Giz Wiz 641: Throught Out Ped3

Episode 641 of the podcast

Throught Out Ped3
Subject: Review of Throught Out Ped3
Released:Monday 25 August 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
Download file:dgw0641.mp3 (9.2 MB)

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Short info

Stand up your portable media player with the Thought Out Ped3 and NAJA King Coil.

Detailed information

Following Episode 627, Leo put the creator of the PED3, Mike Talmadge of thoughtout.biz, in touch with Dick, and Dick has another gadget from Talmadge.  The NAJA King (pronounced na-ha) is another stand for the iPod Touch/iPhone (Dick calls it the NAJA Max by mistake).  It has the same rotating holder as the PED3, but the stand itself is made of flexible coil (which can flatten into a compact coil ideal for travelling).  If you already have the PED3 and don't need the holder, you can get the NAJA King Coil separately.  Dick chooses to wear it round his neck.

There is a similar model for the Nano, simply called the NAJA.

On the Road to New Media Expo

Colleen and Tony drove for 10 hours with all the camera gear to Vegas for New Media Expo, and had the camera on the way.

Inside the GE Genesis Diesel Locomotive

A Screensaver fan Bob, an engineer from Metro North (where Dick once lost, and found, a shoulder bag, see Episode 291), has taken Dick on an inside tour of a new diesel locomotive.


Dick in Episode 635 thought that Skytel, the paging service, was no longer in operation.  It turns out that it is alive and kicking, and a number of listeners still use its service, including DoctorMom (Twitter handle), Jeremiah from Detroit, and George Brickner.

DGW Commercials

A couple of DGW listeners are upset that the podcast is now "50% commercials" and will stop listening.  There are always people who resist them, and those who support them, such as listener Trey, back in Episode 168, who wrote a nice letter to Dick about missing the first round of Visa commercials.

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