Daily Giz Wiz 759: Wireless Tooth Camera

Episode 759 of the podcast

Wireless Tooth Camera
Subject: Review of Wireless Tooth Camera
Released:Thursday 5 February 2009
Length:about 22 minutes
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Short info

Home dentistry will never be the same with the mini-USB 3.1 megapixel, 2.4GHz Wireless Tooth Camera.

Detailed information

Link: Uxcell

 A suggestion from a listener Caleb Mixson.  The Intra-Oral Mini-USB Tooth Camera is shaped like a toothbrush, and when connected to a PC via USB, will power on (with 4 white LED lights to illuminate your teeth) and can take 800 x 600 pictures of your teeth.  Windows only, and no Vista support.  You can use it on your skin too!

Although the gadget is described as a wireless tooth camera on TWiT and in the MP3 Tag information, the gadget today is a wired USB tooth camera.  There are wireless tooth cameras out there, such as the Chinavasion Wireless Dental Camera, which are more expensive.

Favourite Episodes Vote Results

Results of the Favourite Episodes Vote held by Ludwik Trammer at GizWizSearch are out.  It's a tight race at the top.  Leo's hot favourites the Spork and the Toothpick Bird were narrowly edged out by Dick's UroClub.

There were exactly 666 votesRumour has it that there have been unusually intense voting activities from IP addresses traceable to around Amsterdam Avenue and 83rd Street in New York City, and Petaluma in California, although at this stage the rumour cannot be verified.

Here is Ludwik's announcement:

"So ladies and gentleman - 10 favorite Daily Giz Wiz episodes of all time (from 10 to 1):
10. Cruzin' Cooler (Episode 101)
An ice chest you can ride on, with gas or electric models.
9. GFX-100 Indoor Dish Antenna (Episode 670)
From about 1990, the GFX-100 Indoor Antenna distinguished itself by its advertisement.  "No cable fees because you're not getting cable."  "No sateliite fees because you're not using satellite technolgy."  "Works indoors like ordinary rabbit ears."  "Captures signals right out of the air!"
8.  A Visit To The Gadget Warehouse (Episode 246)
A special episode on Dick's Gadget Warehouse recorded in the warehouse itself when Leo was in New York City filming Regis & Kelly.
7.  Key Buoy (Episode 149)
Dick and Leo call the Key Buoy a marvel of engineering.  If you go boating and accidentally drop your keys into the sea, the key buoy will expand and eject an upright 14" bright orange air tube above the water. The episode also includes an important health advisory.
6.  Vat19's Talking Photo Album (Episode 463)
From VAT19, this photo album holds a total of 24 4" x 6" photos and you can record a 10-second message, description or commentary for each page which can be played by pressing the "Play" button. Despite Leo's ADD condition, always trying to do ten things at a time, he seldom slips up really badly. But this time Leo just doesn't get it. One of Dick's favourite episodes.

5.  A Tribute to William M. Gaines (Episode 76)
The first DGW not to feature a gadget, this is a tribute to William M. Gaines, the founder of Mad Magazine.  Dick has created a website in his memory at www.williammgaines.com.
4.  Zelco PurseGuard Ultra (Episode 406)
The PurseGuard Ultra is an anti-theft hanger which you put near the edge of a table, from which you can hang a handbag, shoulder bag, backpack or your shopping.  It sounds an alarm if anyone tries to lift the bag off the hanger. It's not often that Leo gets a real chance to trash Dick's gadgets, and Leo isn't about to let it slip away.
3.  Titanium Spork (Episode 182)
A hot favourite, on Halloween. Dick calls it El Crappo Plus, but the audience love it, and it still gets talked about in fan emails.
2.  Toothpick Bird (Episode 282)
Exactly 100 episodes after the Spork comes another piece of crap from under Leo's desk. Leo was to have his revenge in Episode 413 when Dick gives us another bird, Squawkers McCaw.

... and the title of the favorite Daily Giz Wiz episode of all time goes to...
1.  UroClub (Episode 598)
The UroClub gives true meaning to the word "portapotty".  Made to resemble a golf club in appearance, it is a hollow tube with a cap which unscrews, to help a male golfer who can't find a restroom nearby to answer the call of nature.

The UroClub

As Dane Golden puts it on TWiT, "You're in the right place when you go golfing with the UroClub."  Check out Episode 598 again, and also Episode 601 for a listener's reaction while answering a different call of duty.

In celebration of the UroClub's victory, here's a new DGW Avatar:

Favourite Episodes of 2009?

Ludwik wasn't planning on having another vote for 2009, but heck, if Dick says there is one, then there will be one.  Maybe.  On every page of each episode on Ludwik's GizWizSearch, in the Episode Information section, there is a Vote, with 5 stars for rating.  Just click the number of stars you think the episode should get, and that's your vote.  You can rate as many episodes as you please.  So type in the episode number and click the stars, just for the fun of it.

GizWizSearch and InsideDGW

Dick gets the two sites a little mixed up today, about what's happening where, and who's doing what.  Who can blame him?  Leo tries desperately to put him back on track.  If you want to vote, go to GizWizSearch.  For everything else, go to GizWizSearch, too.

Third Anniversary Coming Up

DGW started on Monday 20 February 2006 with the Docupen, and the 3rd Anniversary is just around the corner.

WTHII 0901

The January '09 WTHII gadget picture was turned upside down by Dick.  Answers include a Marie Antoinette Lego head, a Halloween Frankenstein mask, and a pasta extruder,

It's the Airyusha Robotan Toilet Paper Holder.  You can read about it on The Green Head, and buy it on audiocubes.com.  As you might imagine, it's Japanese-made.

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