Daily Giz Wiz 538: Rainbow Projector

Episode 538 of the podcast

Rainbow Projector
Subject: Review of Rainbow Projector
Released:Wednesday 2 April 2008
Length:about 11 minutes
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Short info

The sun comes out on Theme Free Wednesday with the Rainbow Projector.

Detailed information

The Rainbow Projector is a little night light for your child, or the child in you.  Light from the LEDs in the underside of the arch is directed to the base which presumably contains a lens or prism which refracts the light into a rainbow and projects it on to your wall or ceiling.  Activated by the wave of a hand, and operated with 4 AAA batteries.  Some sites suggest that the product comes with a bonus window prism disk for real daytime rainbows.  Available at Perpetual Kid.

Dick's Disco

Dick kitted out his house boat with a disco, back in the day, complete with mirrored ball, chaser lights, dancing waters, an infinity floor, and of course, a gadget which put the finishing touch to the disco, which he talked about in Episode 85.

Boats on Film

Dick's boat is in high demand.  After being featured in Pride And Glory, Dick was recently approached again for his boat to appear in a Woody Allen movie, and Dick narrowly missed Woody Allen by 20 minutes, who was down at the marina.  Unfortunately, Woody Allen's assistant wanted to refurbish the boat completely.

Dick's Pride And Glory

The film Pride And Glory, which is supposed to feature Dick's boat, his own pride and glory, has been put off yet again, now to 2009, despite its stellar cast.  As Leo remarks, by the time it is released, it may become a historical picture.  For Dick's story on the filming of the movie, see Episodes 460 and 461.

Scottevest and Pockets Galore

Alessandro Abate, or Sandro Abate, who wrote in about the OLPC in Episode 447, is still discovering new pockets with new cards in his Scottevest, weeks after getting it.  He suggests that someone make a wall chart or diagram for the Scottevest pockets.

Monkey Business

The picture of the Mad Staff in monkey form, which Dick talked about in Episode 533, is now on Dick's website.  Buy the April issue of Mad for your own primate collection.  Look out for Stompy Ding Dong.

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